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Real Estate in evidence


Location: Varna, New ZPZ, s.Ezerovo, obsht.Beloslav

Sector: Industrial Construction

Estimated price: negotiable

Status: Approved by the municipality Belevo conceptual design

Type of Opportunity: Partnership for construction investment projects for production and logistics center with area of ​​5900 sq.m.

Brief description of business: Manufacturing and logistics center “ND CENTER” is located on an area of ​​2790 kv.m.Toy in the new western industrial zone of Varna, there are 60 meters facing the main lakeside road Varna – port ” Varna – West .” The building is located about 5 km . of “Hemus” highway linking Sofia-Varna and close to the new Master Plan provided with effect from 2011. second bridge Varna ezero.Predvideno he is to facilitate freight flows between Romania – Bulgaria – Turkey. The total area is 5900 m2 Found is a unique solution for securing access for trucks to production and storage areas on the first three floors by ramps . Through these quick and independent power supply of storage on all three levels . The complex is designed with one underground and three above-ground levels.